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Jan 10, 2012

Panasonic Introduces New Compact HD Camcorder HC-V10

Panasonic today introduced the HC-V10 camcorder, which provides High Definition video recording with a powerful 70x enhanced optical zoom in a compact design offering users a versatile, high-quality camcorder to capture spur-of-the-moment videos with ease. Advanced features, including Intelligent Auto (iA) and Pre-Rec, allow users to point, shoot and easily capture HD videos with the press of a button.

“Panasonic’s HC-V10 camcorder, a ‘go anywhere’ model, offers users a HD camcorder that is easy to shoot with, easy to download, and easy to share,” said Chris Rice, Senior Product Manager, Imaging, Panasonic Consumer Marketing Company of North America. “The HC-V10 has taken a major step up from models of previous years, upgrading Panasonic’s standard image quality to provide crisp, clear HD video. Additionally, the zooming functionality has been increased to capture even distant subjects with extreme detail.”

Panasonic HC-V10

Panasonic HC-V10

The compact HC-V10 camcorder features high definition recording and a powerful 63x optical zoom lens with an Enhanced Optical 70x Zoom function, allowing users to capture beautiful images of subjects up close or pull in distant subjects for truly dynamic close-ups. HD video can be recorded in MP4 format, which offers broad compatibility and high compression for small, easy-to-share files. Additionally, videos can also be recorded in iFrame™ format, which is designed to make video editing quicker. With iFrame, the video a user captures with their camera is in the same format used for editing, so it's fast to import and edit with compatible video editing applications.

The camcorder’s iA*1 mode consists of four functions that automatically select the most suitable shooting mode with the press of a button. Power O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer) suppresses handshake without degrading image quality, resulting in clear, blur-free images even with dynamic zooming. The O.I.S. also features an Active mode to assure clear, beautiful images across the entire range from wide-angle to telephoto. Intelligent Contrast Control prevents blown highlights and blocked shadows, allowing video to retain natural toned images with proper contrast. Intelligent Scene Selector automatically selects the best Scene Mode to record in based on detected light and objects. Finally, Face Detection senses ambient lighting to adjust exposure and capture faces beautifully even in dim or backlit scenes.

Ideal for capturing sudden shooting opportunities, the Pre-Rec function allows users to capture three seconds of video prior to pressing the Record button. When the camcorder is aimed at a subject in advance, it will continuously record three seconds of video to an internal buffer memory; when the record button is pressed, the three seconds immediately prior are added to the beginning of the clip being recorded. This function makes sure users are never late for a video opportunity again.

The HC-V10’s 31.6 mm wide-angle*2 is especially convenient for recording indoors or in tight spaces, making it possible to shoot at a close distance from the subject while fitting both the subject and surrounding area into the frame. The wide-angle setting also captures beautiful images of wide landscapes and allows large groups of people to fit into the frame, making it highly versatile for use in all kinds of situations.

The compact HC-V10 camcorder features high definition recording and a powerful 63x optical zoom lens with an Enhanced Optical 70x Zoom function, allowing users to capture beautiful images of subjects up close or pull in distant subjects for truly dynamic close-ups.

Archiving and Editing videos taken with the HC-V10 has never been easier. In addition to iFrame, which is ideal for both MAC and PC users, the camcorder’s HD Writer HE 1.0 software (included) allows for highly versatile PC editing and sharing functions.

  • 2D Editing: Along with full editing functions of previous software versions, the new HD Writer software features a Timeline mode which allows for a timeline to be displayed with a storyboard for highly accurate editing while fine-tuning the timing of video images. The playback timing of background music can also be finely adjusted to enable precise insertion.
  • Smart Wizard: When a user connects the HC-V10 camcorder to the USB port of a PC, Smart Wizard mode automatically starts up. Following the on-screen guidance lets users easily copy video clips to a PC or BD/DVD disc without getting lost in the process.
  • Copy/Archive/Playback: A user can specify which video files to transfer onto their PC with the Copy/Archive/Playback software function. Additionally, the software remembers which files were previously copied onto a PC, so users don’t have to re-copy the same file again later. This is especially convenient when users have recorded large amounts of data on an SDXC/SDHC/SD Memory Card and copy it over several sessions.

The HD Writer HE 1.0 software is compatible with YouTube™ and Facebook™ allowing even the most inexperienced users to easily post video clips to the web. Image data can also be transferred to a Mac computer for editing in applications such as iMovie.

The HD-V10 features an SD Card slot that supports SD/SDHC/SDXC Memory Cards. An extensive lineup of optional accessories is available for the HC-V10 to suit individual users' shooting styles and expand the possibility of shooting fun. The Video DC Light (VW-LDC103)*3/*4 is suitable for illuminating dark scenes and its switchable Spot/Wide function allows the lighting range to be selected according to the scene. The Shoe Adaptor (VW-SK12) lets the user attach multiple accessories on the camcorder to help capture images with full detail.

The Panasonic HC-V10 will be available in black, silver and red. Pricing and 2012 availability will be announced approximately 30 days prior to shipping.

*1The functions included in iA may not be applied when conditions do not call for them. iA mode is not available in still picture recording mode.

*2 35mm camera equivalent.

*3 A shoe adaptor is required.

*4 A dedicated battery or battery charger is required. 

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