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jaden 。.。✧♡ ・゚ I wanna buy a camcorder so bad so I can record my summer someone stop me right now
mars ☄️ I found this GORGEOUS camcorder from the 90s but it has a software bug that makes it unusable 😭 I’m trying to find someone who knows how to fix it but idk this is a super niche market lol
|| | ||||. I just got a camcorder it’s up and it’s stuck. on my pinkflamingo 💩
eyes furry Urban Goodz Eyes furry Mini Camera Sensor Night Vision Camcorder Motion DVR
Camcorder Banks Spending this week to re-schedule (plan) context creation due to the arrival of my beautiful Jelly Bean 👶🏾 🍼 Style Tips, IG Style Photos & YouTube videos coming soon
erin For graduation i am going to mount a panasonic ag-cx350 4k camcorder on my cap so everyone knows my major
seatbeltkylo ⌫ Camcorder my beloved is back <3
liz 🧸 I just bought the cutest lil camcorder i’m so excited 🥺🥺🥺
Amy Buck Selling a full DJI mavic pro 2 drone kit if anyone knows someone who’d be interested. Drone is brand new and unopened box from a repair! *Toronto area
Lil Glolita Jersey shore summer trip where we go to all the spots from the show and go on a 3 day binger also everyone brings a $20 camcorder
issa phae One time i spelled camcorder “cam quarter” and i’ve never let myself forget it
Leonna 📸 I think ima start using my camcorder again this summer
✞🌐 Who knows where I can buy a camcorder?
.inzozinziza. You guys use camcorder cameras !!!
Gavin Gaddis - Podcast Witnesser One of the best moments in media for me this year has to be the week after Brian David Gilbert uplaoded Teaching Jake about the Camcorder, Jan '97 The comment section was absolutely abuzz with people offering their interpretations of the video's events in a way that felt... real
lightskin hokage Cottage. Camcorder. Disposable Camera. Whoever wit it. Let’s get it
okay Where’s that Fashola camcorder? Proper clowns 🤡🤡🤡
Joshua ø Oh and I got a new camera called a Vivitar DVR 757HD, I hope it's good but I hope I can get a handheld camcorder
Chaosmasta Well I think it’s time to invest in a camera uh...camcorder so I can sit there and be all like, comment, subscribe, but if y’all really grown you’ll hit the bell too. Any decent bootlegged ones anyone recommend?
aki Had a dream that I found a tape called Another World. It was like Fantastic Planet but live action 80's and starred John C Reilly. Anyways I grabbed it and it unfolded and turned into a tv/vcr/camcorder combo. I couldn't plug it in bc the plug was too old
T. I’m finna start walking around with disposable cameras, and i wanna camcorder
inspiration furniture Mixoron SHOOT Stereo Camcorder Microphone inspiration furniture
m. Took some random moments using my old camcorder. i'm quite happy today
UK Amazon freebies Camcorder for UK Refun*d after revie*w cover pp fee Comment or dm if interested
Kyle 🇳 Emoji This movie is bad for not looking like it was recorded on the worlds most expensive camcorder
Peter Gillberg Media Player Camcorder Icons New Creative Presentation/Video Assets from Callouts!
Jade I can’t find my camcorder... I’m upset
flynn : gg reboot defender Yes i am sixteen yes i bought a keroppi hat and wanna buy a kids monster high camcorder i dont see a problem
Hannah♡⁷🧈 It’s 1993 and you’re using a camcorder from the media room, a boy saw you and blocked your path, calling you a nerd but in a playful way–
nat | kyunie For the first time in my 18 years of education, my grandpa won’t be there with his camcorder, cheering me on 🥺🎓
Meepmorp 🌚 I decided to try looking at some old footage from the camcorder my brothers used back when I was 8-12 years old. First thing I see of me is my eldest brother beating me up while his then girlfriend films it. Imma dig a hole and rebury that pandora’s box for eternity
Biigg Suuge Can I bring my camcorder to the block party? 😂
allison is confused era🧙‍♂️ What if i just delete all my social media’s and get a cute little camcorder from like 2000 and just disappear for the whole summer
lily You should give me money to buy a camcorder
REAL T Could have been one Photographer for Family picnics. 3 on grounds. Instant Polaroid at a charge....with Slipcover keeper.....Camcorder for All Day Footage ..( Disk charges ) ..and the choice of Digital Shots..( Stills ) for Album at a charge . 💯👂 COOL POLAR!
ish All summer with my camcorder lol
fiercekittenz The things I do for my setup. Going to start using the phone for the sewing machine and the camcorder is on the cutting table view now!
riverdale quotes bot I'm not afraid of some sad AV pervert with a camcorder older than your blazer
Trendsetterwill Tv on Youtube I want someone to leak Aretha’s camcorder footage
Nati. And I'm on da money mission, nobody can stop me Just grab your camcorder, press record and gone and watch me
Minimum Viable Product DD Team 28 followers? We’re going to need to tell our hot dog guy to buy more hot dogs. With our 3000 person stadium capacity and covid restrictions, that’s basically a full house Also need to figure out where the hawk that stole our camcorder hid it
LekkiMassacre EndSARS JusticeForHinyUmoren Ç•B•Ñ ™ David Hudeyin is who Babtunde Raji Fashola thought he was when he discovered a camcorder 📹 at the scene of the LekkiMassacre. EndSARS JusticeForHinyUmoren
🩺Hawkeye🍸 Very happy to share! I didn't do badly for just having my phone. But next Fan Festival I get to go to, I'll have a digital video camera or camcorder handy. I'll definitely let you know my thoughts on the event this weekend. [And, I'll try not to make it a 50 tweet chain LOL.]
sarah Just picked my camcorder up 🥳
RemoteIntelXXX Someone said stark and now you're there ...i had a brand new camcorder recording the kids going past i was told by security forces real time also watching via camera to tell child protection services mayor gave formal ceremony to ok troops with weapons in city limits after
AK🍀 My ma snapped w the camcorder videos. i love watching them
kimkimmie I gotta charge the camcorder but I really don’t feel like getting up
beanie🧚🏽‍♀️ I might really get camcorder fr for the summer
allurin siy 🤎 Can’t wait to use my camcorder 💖
dee! I want to buy a camcorder to film louis’ entire show
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