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MISS Mamas 💋 I want professional photographers, but i also wanna personally walk around with an old school camcorder that whole weekend and doing my own confessionals. these would be the best added touch.
Cool 🅱️eanź 😎 There is something about watching 90s camcorder tornado footage that do be hitting differently
Garry Sykes Finally got the cable to digitise that old VHS camcorder tape I posted about a while back.Didn't have access to a camcorder growing up at all, but borrowed one aged 16 or so to try and make a terrible derivative horror film. This is my friend Katie from school being a good sport
jaden I think its time to buy this camcorder today
Abby Aguirre Would be fun to take the time machine to 1975 Del Mar, roll up to the fairgrounds, inform the Z-Boys that skateboarding will be in the Olympics, and film their reactions with...what would it be? A camcorder?
emma I could've spent my birthday money on a cheap camcorder but no i just had ti get that denim jacket
Igotnoroots Does it involve a Sony camcorder set to nightshot?? Only reason why I know she's famous is for boinking infront of one!! 🤣
hicetnunc2000 CleanNFT uberneath Uberneath ‼️New @hicetnunc2000 drop‼️ 📹Camcorder head slices diving introspection 📹 FHS 24/25, 3.5 tez Tell me what you think, spread the word if you like it 🙏🏾 🖤💬🖤♾🖤 hicetnunc2000 CleanNFT uberneath
sads🇵🇸 In our family we’ve always had a camcorder to record every single memory. My uncles famous camcorder recorded some of the oldest, funniest moments from when we were babies, Lee’s recorded our eldest nieces first moments on this earth and mine recorded my whole wedding season
meg 🧚🏼‍♀️ (currently in her snowbaz era) Does anyone know how to get those camcorder filters over a video (does anyone know what i’m on about??)
🦷 li 🦷 💖💜💙 Tonight’s cavalcade of dreams included: 1. scarily realistic pregnancy dream w my ex, except it turns out i’m not pregnant, just chubby 2. i found a camera/camcorder that had a snuff film on it that was like a bunch of gory mad scientist experiments
djroblox2143 I'm going to Scotland on Friday, but I can't find my camcorder (because i'm the twat who left it to charge on my brother's side of ou rroom) If I don't find it by Thursday, either I take my phone and use that instead, or no filming stuff. I wanna take my camcorder though 🥺😢
Yujin Stan 🐶 The camcorder is a clue for the next IZ*ONE comeback right? Right??? 🥲
MaltLiquorPapi We really used to be excited to watch a camcorder 📹version of a movie still in the theater
Vonyy I gotta get a new camcorder cuz it’s doing some nonsense for the 2nd time
🗑️💬 Being in middle school yearbook class and being able to whip out my camcorder in the middle of science class was the hight of my power
Matt Ingles Canon EOS 850D Low end Canon camcorder Black Magic Design Atem Mini Various HDMI to HDMI mini cables USB C mini to USB C mini Rode Mic that went out lol Second Hand 2017 iMac OBS and ReStream Apps 75-300mm Telephoto lens next time will try polar alignment and a star tracker
Sam I'm tryna find a Sony or Canon camcorder from like early 2010s that has sd card compatibility. If anyone got one in good working condition... lemme know 👀
Cheap-Cheap Asia 🤯 You won’t believe this! Sensor Night Vision Mini Camera HD Camcorder Camera 1080P Camera Monitor... selling at $29.95 🤯 by Cheap Cheap Asia ⏩ 🚀 Selling out fast so be quick! 🚀
rhinestone cowboy Watching F9 the old fashioned bootleg way…somebody in a Chinese movie theater with a camcorder
Lisa Krauss Anyone know how to get the videos from a camcorder and turn them into DVD's?
James O'Neill Stella Street is perfect. Rough and ready and like it’s shot on a camcorder
videotape video8 polaroid camcorder video DDVF Tips for choosing the correct length videotape. Would you need 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes? 📼 videotape video8 polaroid camcorder video 1993
🍒 I wish I could get a hold of my grandpas camcorder
tripod photographer camera studioequipment phoclousto Phoclousto Professional Universal Folding Camera Tripod Dolly Base Stand with Rubber Wheels for DSLR Camera Camcorder Photography Photo Movie Film Video Making .. New .. at Phoclousto land tripod photographer camera studioequipment phoclousto
Robb Wilson "People now realize how easy it is to make a film. Everybody knows that you use a camera and everybody knows you use a tape recorder..." Or, in these times, a digital camcorder, a DSLR, or even a phone. Happy 93rd birthday, Stanley Kubrick
B&H Photo Video Which is right for your next project?
David McMurdo My new camcorder arrived and its night vision is amazing; it might as well be sorcery as far as I'm concerned. I can't show footage yet because the SD card hasn't arrived, but I'll do a field test for Sunday's show. This is a photo of its display screen in a pitch black room
OldMovie MNightShyamalan Pavol Matula I also love the way this movie was shot. The cinematography is great. Some of the techniques used - like the slow, creepy zoom-ins, or the “camcorder-like” zooming and panning with action - really added to the atmosphere and uniqueness of this film. OldMovie MNightShyamalan
kv 🫂 i still can’t believe that’s two ppl hugging LMAOOOO it was giving camcorder
ㄥㄖᐯ乇 The camcorder really was a lot better for shooting, comfort level was much higher which lead to better stabilization. The lens is even better than the camcorder in both aspects
𝘙𝘈𝘚𝘏𝘌𝘌𝘋 I think it's time for me to invest in a handheld camcorder cause the vx 1000 case be getting me crazy looks
🎸🎮🍺⚽️Jamie Elliot Retro Red Dog⚽️🍺🎮🎸 Found my old Canon Camcorder 📹 Not been used in over 20 years and still works. Memories on that tape of us at Xmas all those years ago and my sis opening a GBA and games at that time. We have come a long way from those 8mm tapes eh lol but a thing of retro beauty non the less👌
taehyun fans senegal 🇸🇳 Y'all at yj's appointments with a camcorder set nd ready im crine
Camcorder Banks Better Than Blazer High | Nike x Sacai Blazer Low “Classic Green” | Snea... via @YouTube
Finley Amazing when 25GB of camcorder footage translates to 1.5GB of You Tub clips
Ulrisha Where can I find an old school camcorder ?
Dart_Adams Like rappers in the '80s weren't stunting in new custom suits from Dapper Dan & April Walker and going to every club then on tour being seen, photographed and caught on camcorder. Streets is watchin'. People talk. The polaroids still exist from back then...
Billy 'Blando Moving Co. Ive only seen the gas station camcorder in the theater bootleg version of this movie
Hunt Gear Store Digital Camera Night Vision Touch Screen Infrared Camcorder ➤ $ 232.97. ➤
NUCLEAR THOUGHT - I AM “when the teenage girl sees the camcorder she becomes a whole different person…”
ThanetGuide A survivor promised me a camcorder if I could find them a Vauxhall Vectra
Sahvin P (aqua) One of the guys yesterday had this camcorder which reminded me of way back when I used to film theater performances using mini-DV tapes. It was Canon branded and it cost me like $2k but man the video quality back then was the best at that time
Alicia | Paranormal Inc. Available Now! Okay. Here it is: why I still shoot with a camcorder in 2021. A thread! If you are thinking about video content in 2021, this might be helpful! My primary camera is the Sony PXW-z150. This is a pro camcorder, often called an ENG camera
Jordan I need to cop a vhs camcorder for the fall so I can record these parties
Bride and Gown ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 5.0/5 $ 37.95 🤯 You won’t believe this! Full HD 1080P Waterproof Camera 2.0 Inch Camcorder Sports DV Go Car Cam Pro Mini Sports DV Camcorder With Cam Accessories selling at $ 37.95 🤯 ⏩ 404 🚀 Selling out fast so be quick! 🚀
Alicia | Paranormal Inc. Available Now! Gearing up for a ranty thread about why I use a camcorder instead of a dslr or mirrorless set up. AMA if you want I guess?
Devin Most of the shots came out weak cause of flash 🤕 I wish I had my camcorder in there instead
Graham Falk Any video camera/camcorder experts on here? Needing some advice
Riekelt ⭕ So, in prep for the upcoming marathon runs, I've upgraded my camera game. Left is my old setup with the C920, screen light & reflecting LED panel Right is an 11 yo camcorder, and 2 LED panels directly on my face, with some scenic LED light in the back. Daylight cond. also good
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