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N.Yuzon Just spotted someone with an actual VHS camcorder 🤯
Twohands Slowpoke I just watched some hussie do a whole TikTok dance in Disney…with a camcorder
ツ Grab a camcorder and get that bag wym?
allegedly chad doss Saw james blake last night and the only video I took is literally a video of someone recording with a camcorder for a minute and eleven seconds
charlotte³⁶⁹ misses harry So my mom got all these videos of me as a toddler put onto like a cloud thingy from the camcorder it was on and omfg these videos are hilarious. 3 year old me is so funny and for what
Jens Madsen 🇩🇰🇺🇸 Opened that box of old video tapes - lo and behold not only VHS but also Mini DV. I just picked up a VHS VCR. I guess I’m now in the market for a camcorder to transfer those tapes
NotVinylRevival C.Paul Brown Was this filmed on a secondhand camcorder? NotVinylRevival
dyke genesis Who’s gonna let me document their band through my film cameras & camcorder 😌
! They recording this Southern game w/ a camcorder
Adriana Palacios Being an 80s baby while having your parents record you on the camcorder Vs. Being an adult and now recording/taking pics yourself for your own recollection
lua james · on tour Trying to get some candid shots of the line and ive made sure everyone is cool with being filmed but it sure is awkward to just quietly whip out a camcorder while people are talking so that's an active challenge. which i can appreciate
Click2Market DJI Pocket 2 small camcorder handheld 3-Axis Stabilized Camera Single/Combo
Jeopardy Bot Category: It Was The '80s ($400) Around 1982 we first heard this new word for amazing new technology: a portable VCR to shoot home movies . . . . . . . . Camcorder
Pup called Weazy Got another light for my camcorder I'm certainly building up a little rig
Postmodern Adventures I've been doing graphical tests all week to show the "scariest movie ever made" in the game. None convinces me except the live footage. I think it's time to dust off the camcorder
Oladipo Samuel Same Sega who was trying to say there was evidence in the camcorder Sherlock Fash saw at the gate. Lol
dirt Want an old camcorder that records on small lil hi8 tapes but I don’t wanna cough up like 140 lol
sosupersad Do i have the right personality type to be one of those girlies that carry a camcorder around w them
rowan🦋Pieck’s wife Just found a video from 2011 that I never remember recording on an old camcorder. We sound so happy :,)
Eve 🎃👻🦇🕯️🎃 Yesterday the new Halloween movie was on my fav site as a bad camcorder recording copy (CAM), today it's HD (which is like renting a DVD); that tells me it's bad; good movies take 3-6 weeks to move from CAM to HD. Venom is still in CAM status. Copshop just turned HD after 5 wks
jack rog Going around filming with my camcorder
ghost hauntedhouses Architecture Design Taylor & Company PR It’s ghost hunting season! Have your camera and camcorder ready for these 10 hauntedhouses. Architecture Design
Randy Coppinger So I want to livestream Zoom outside from about 200 feet away. I need a camera with an optical zoom, focus, that can handle daylight, and outputs to HDMI. It's not a camcorder. It's not a webcam. Does such a thing exist?
Marlon Solomon Oh the days when someone would have covertly filmed this on a camcorder, put in on pirate video and sold it on the market.
Portuguese~Maniche Till this day, I ponder on the content of camcorder discovered by Detective Babatunde Fashola. What a country
Esojay Luciano I have a shoot in two days. I need Fashola’s camcorder and models
faerie I want to get a camcorder and make video diaries. I think it’ll be fun to look back at myself when I get older
Throwkart Price: (as of - Details) Techobucks Presents Metal Professional 2.1 meter stand tip with S.S thread , fits for most of devices and strong to keep your equipment safe .guarantees the highest mechanical performance and reliability during the products
Aaron Giles 5 years ago I picked up a basic 1080p camcorder (Canon VIXIA) for under $300. It's served me well but would like to upgrade to 4k. However it seems the only sub-$500 options I see are bottom-barrel Chinese brands. "Name" brands all seem to be $1k+. Am I missing something?
HalloweenMovie B and S About Movies The Shape! Jason! Leatherface! Zombies! Dancing? Yeah, the sequel to the sequel is everything you didn't know you wanted out of a HalloweenMovie and so much more, all lovingly shot via camcorder. @halloweenmovie
James Robert Foster New Camcorder from the Thrift Store :)
YoshiMasaItza John jogging on the treadmill at a brisk 5 mph as he keeps the camcorder perfectly still, looking Rae right in her eyes. "Anything for the scoop, this is the discoverae channel now, and we're here to get all the best moments for the masses"
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C U DIE 🔪 The use of a child camcorder in NADJA can be an aesthetic turnoff, but a mid-90's indie flick where Dracula's daughter ambles around New York looking for love offers irreverent pleasure
help Incremona Help best Old and Cheap VHS Camcorder in 2021??
tehgoodqueenbess So i now have the money for either a DVD/ VCR combo or a VHS Camcorder and both would get me where i need to be so which should it be?
Teddy Ruxpin S(pooky)VU New season of episodes of lifestyles of the rich and famous but it involves a shaky camcorder with night vision and knives
alex⁷ 💘 The camcorder clips are wow wow wow wow wow ❣
Rika Furude I like that girl who's always filming with the camcorder
maya⁷⁺⁹ 📚🧪 Don’t worry the budget was probably like $200 💀 with a handheld camcorder
Adam Mares Some of you didn't grow up watching bootlegged versions of movies filmed on a handheld camcorder from the back row of a movie theater and it shows.
I’m Bad @ Tekken Bruh... its 2021 who's still using a camcorder to leak new movies?
mug When we were about 15 me and some pals made a bunch of daft short videos on someone's dad's camcorder, little vignettes usually ending in an advert for our imaginary film company. One time we did an alien invasion of earth by throwing rubber insects onto a world map
monkshoe Happy birthday @bruhmanegod remembering this was the first night i went out to film a show, still borrowing my friend’s camcorder at that time. so glad to have been a part of this and it’s amazing to see where bmg is now
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Florence My years-old video of the JVC GR-AXM250 VHS-C camcorder continues to hold the record of attracting comments from the most technology-illiterate people I've ever seen
Christine Wojtylko Momma her is getting a Camcorder camera with night vision. Easy to hold and nothing but good reviews. Just like my days at NBC as a field camera person in war zones
site specific carnivorous occurrence Does anyone know of any solutions that will semi-automate ingest of DV tapes? All I want is something that, when I put a tape into the deck/camcorder, will ask me for a name, rewind it, play it back into the computer, encode it to MP4, and eject it (if the device supports eject)
lana OMG ima get a camcorder n bedazzle it
gene 🧛🏾‍♂️ 😭😭😭 my dad used to keep the camcorder on deck for all my games man
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