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azoicazo Hope I dream I pick up a camcorder
reimufan09 Boomer frantically using a camcorder to record his wife without makeup thinking shes a horrifying cryptid
Rotimi Gbatueyo Minister, it’s the camcorder he found at the toll I need him to produce the video in it. All rhetoric, vibes and insha Allah
Julio Marchi Speaks Out Why You Need To Capture Extra Audio When FilmingOK so let’s back up a bit here because it is important.Years ago when I purchased my first camcorder (yes you read that right “camcorder!”), I excitedlyloaded my footage onto my computer, edited it and
Saina卌 | Check my pinned tweet 5sos His Camcorder Guy
throne wishlist inkyrebirth I just received a gift from Anonymous via @official_throne: MavisLink Audio Video Capture Cards HDMI to USB 1080p USB2.0 Record via DSLR Camcorder Action Cam for High Definition Acquisition, Live Broadcasting. Thank you!
alexis. Documentary / camcorder style horror films are not good
baroque 🗡 A camcorder and several tapes have been sitting here for 5 days at a park I help maintain... do I watch the tapes?i
ThisIsUsFinalChapter c. wong 🇬🇾 All the Randalls at one table and all the Kevins at one table!! That's the tweet. ThisIsUsFinalChapter (Y'all peep the Jack-style camcorder?)
elena !! One thing about luke is that he will always have his lil camcorder out
DJ SPACE COWGIRL 🇬🇾 Saw a camcorder at this party and thought it was @junoavalon
Zack @trash aka smtv It’s pretty incredible that some camcorder videotapes from the year 2000 are basically on the same quality as movies and films from the early 20th century
hashtag2 Flamed Fox eCommerce Hashtag2 Mini Camera Full HD 1080P Home Security Camcorder Night Vision Micro Secret Cam Motion Detection Video Voice Recorder
katie 🐛 The camcorder/home video vibes this is giving is my favorite thing
Austin needs an ashton irwin hug At this point it’s luke, luke hemmings, and that frikin camcorder bc he never parts from it- 😭 it’s giving a mom on a family holiday
Mario George Rivera Eventually I captured a UFO with my Hitachi VHS Front Load Camcorder overnight running on a tripod on auto-video mode every 10 seconds on our 2nd story bedroom balcony aimed at the sky location where I saw in person that 1991 UFO. I still have the VHS tapes. Mario 👍
Yel | Semi ia Was Eunkwang holding a camcorder?? are we getting a Chicago vlog?? 🥹
REI. Greeting to the whole crowd, hold your hand high in the air, and click! the camcorder favorably captured today's delightful performance at the kyemyeong university fest! still thrilled to hear all of the cheers and chants during the event; I absolutely love you all, dives. <3
Niall That look between James and Erin over the camcorder too 🥹
hashtag2 buyandfast Hashtag2 Winait Super 4k wifi digital video camera night vision with 3.0'' touch display 30x digital zoom support 128GB sd card camcorder
Claudia-Liza Vanderpuije 🆑 Come like the uncle with the camcorder at a London Ghanaian party in the 90s!! 😅😅🤣🤣
Andrew Hell yeah check out the world's first MPEG-4 Camcorder, hoping it takes off
k CLAIMS 5SOS5 Luke in charge of the camcorder?? well there goes the tour diaries 😔
lu saw 5SOS Who superglued that camcorder to luke’s hand?
Sarah owns a Blender 💛 That camcorder is glued to Luke's hand like the trucker cap is glued to his head
🌼 I think, i don't need to buy digicam or camcorder for now. kerry na sa phone ko. vintage resolution awieee <33
Lara🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿//track 11🌺 Just woke up to find out Ashton called Luke "my camcorder guy" so I'm in a good mood
preeti ?! Kay's Day Luke walking around w the camcorder tryna record everything is so cute to me
Cicely • IS GOING ONO LONDON Luke is the camcorder on bff? i don’t see a little red light
preeti ?! Kay's Day He is so cute with his camcorder
Ana MET ASHTON!! My camcorder guy, keep that cam cording
addison 🌼owns story of another us🌼 Luke in charge of the camcorder??knowing him he’s probably just holding it up and it’s not actually recording anything
allie Alright so when are we gonna see some of this footage that @Luke5SOS has been collecting on that dang camcorder???
ali is irwin’s fire-MeMyself&5🌼🇺🇦 Ashton irwin with the camcorder verbage and the ig story earlier with the vhs tapes and the dvd/vcr combo setup I’m reliving the goals of yesteryear 🎥 📼 💿 @Ashton5SOS
katie 5sos making baggage claim airport videos on a phone and a camcorder like it’s 2013 keek, I’m obsessed w my band
hay 🏡🌼 I refuse to be videoed unless it’s by luke hemmings and his camcorder
maggieᴴ Luke hemmings ❌ ashton irwin’s camcorder guy ✅
evelien *bi panic* I do not believe there will be no 5sos tour diaries. luke is clutching that camcorder everywhere he goes like a kid with a pacifier
cj Luke and his camcorder are literally the only things getting me through life right now
ara/nie This was made with a camcorder, a ring light, somebody backyard and a dream
Verified 1 Good Guy! I was looking for advice on buying a new CAMCORDER so I did a search on a few key words-- I won't say what videos were posted but "Yikes--- I didn't need to see that
bare lyric bot Diane lee, does your father have a camcorder? yes, sister! lady montague: diane lee
Verified 1 Good Guy! Be back in a while.. I am looking to waste a few grand on another camcorder... off to shop
Kannon Kalton It appears my camcorder has errors when it records and requires me to turn it off, and whenever this happens it also corrupts the fire of the thing being filmed. Since this happens frequently it seems I need a new camcorder :(
Michael J Smith - Panic Disorder 411 Phone v camcorder pics
PARIS LAVET🍒 I need a new camera, specifically a Sony a7 II + I want a regular 4k Camcorder
Train&PlaneHub I’m going to be without a camcorder now for a few weeks while mine is off for repairs so uploads might be sparse for a little while. However I do still have this video onboard EasyJet A320NEO to upload 😁✈️
Hi, I'm Megan! Charging this old family camcorder and we're gonna see how bad the quality is lol the charger port cover is loose so... We'll see how it manages 😅
meg sees ashe in 9 Like do it get a camcorder
thismorning Jessica Elliott Thismorning stranger phones you and asks for a camcorder for Christmas. Seems legit
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