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Vittorio If any comedian out there would like this camcorder for free drop me a message. Barely used, comes with a charger. Half decent bit of kit for a burgeoning content cowboy
Ashghle Instead of Polaroids, gen z should make 1 designated friend who records the event w a camcorder popular again, so we can all go back to enjoying ourselves
Out the office. Ima ruin the mood cuz ima pull out the camcorder lol
BadAsh0909 I started using a trial version of a Video Enhancing (upscaling) software earlier this year. I even bought a new graphics card to improve the conversion speed. The plan was to vid cap old camcorder footage & upscale it.......I STILL haven't purchased the full version....oops
ℛ𝒐𝒃𝒐𝒕 𝒥𝒐𝒏𝒆𝒔 The four foot eight robot appears to be holding a cheap, early 2000s camcorder in his metallic claw. he looks to be documenting his surroundings
Adelaide 🥹 Found an old camcorder with images from over 7 years ago... i now know that old photos make me cry for some reason
george 🇵🇸 paul mescal oscar campaign manager I want to take my parents camera ( a camcorder) back to uni so I can record a bunch of stuff and maybe make a short film but they won't let me 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Mr. Christmas Captured part of a show on my Video8 camcorder last night and it turned out great and I'm excited to do it in the future. Results are great/fun, optical viewfinder means I don't bother ppl with a screen, and no great loss if I get moshed into and the camera gets destroyed
Arcturus the Red Panda 🅰️🔴🐼 VTuber Yknow, after playing with this old camcorder and miniDV’s, I kinda want to make and post some IRL/immersion break content 😅😅 Tho probably not on my main channel
phish 7̶ɯ0ᴚ9 I was today years old when I watched Prague “Ghost” for the first time. Excellent performance. Iconic for a reason. Even better than the music is the camcorder vid of Trey having a BLAST! phish
David Guggenheim When my family went to DisneyWorld we rented this on Spectravision and my dad videotaped the screen with a camcorder so I could watch it over and over (and I did and still do)
Arike Aftersun is the best film of the year. Made me dig out this clip of my grandma introducing "the holiday progra-" on camcorder video the same summer (probably) as Aftersun takes places. Our first and last family trip with grandparents, parents, kids.
smarthome iot business Hurify Mini Camera Original 1080P IP Camera for Smart Home Security with Night Vision smarthome iot business
Rika Furude I like that girl who's always filming with the camcorder
billy jinn Carrying my camcorder and just recording. I love us even more
precious I want a vintage camcorder but even just the thought of learning how to handle a new camera tires me
jay Realizing i lost my camcorder almost 2 months later
cum slut {acab/blm} 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ Scorpio ._. y’all can seriously choke. matter fact, lemme get a snack and a camcorder set up
de la gray I got a camcorder and i am now unstoppable
Baroness A Davenport These are far from being the best but, here are four photos, taken with my phone of a paused video that was taken with my camcorder Nov 22nd, of the only locomotive in the world that means anything to me, and that is so much more than a locomotive to me, METX 210 ❤
shie ★ Oh to buy a camcorder then compiling the videos into one with a mac demarco background music
Ashh Lmao talking to my sister makes me realize we really getting old. Cause why did she say “if i saw one coming down my steps i would get my camcorder out” 😂 Camcorder? You’re 28 not 62 bro
TelleKouture I still play Tatyana Ali “Daydreamin” every day like it’s new. Volume all the way fk up! I remember me & my best friend made a whole music video to it in middle school with my mom’s camcorder 😂
Camcorder Banks Real talk - I want to attend the @SoulTrain awards next year. It looks too fun! Plus I get to listen to old skool music I grew up on plus new soul artist. I GOTTA GO!!!
ramos.txt Never not putting Christmas camcorder bear in the bathroom.
J Emmanuel🃏 I need to repair that old camcorder and start recording mundane things in life. Heck, my phone will suffice! My mentor said that I'M LIVING IN my "GOOD OLD DAYS." I don't agree w/ everything he says but this still sticks with me 2yrs later
bkfcnewcastle Heather Todays bkfcnewcastle looked like it was filmed in someone’s basement with a camcorder… I expected better quality by now! Disappointed
anthony ⚫️🦂 THURSDAY 12/10 Unsolicited thread of pics/videos of my film cameras and camcorder :)
king aries I need to get a camcorder before my bday trip
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the player’s secret bot There are times when Remus wishes there weren’t a camcorder between them; that he could just ask the questions he wants to ask, not because the viewers will want to know the answers, but because he does
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Camcorder Banks I thought this Thanksgiving would be difficult eating vegan but it was pretty easy! My family and fiancé family make it eat for me by preparing AMAZING dishes!
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Josh - Panels to Pixels 👽 With his sloppy paint, brittle plastic, and inexplicable camcorder gun, this definitely isn't the best Wolverine figure ever made. But it's by far the most iconic
Midnight Ghost Hunt 👻 Have you tried out the new Hunter gadget yet? The Camcorder can be deployed by Hunters to watch over a given area. Ghosts running past will be tagged and made visible to Hunters for 10 seconds. 🔭👻 Ghosts, however, are free to possess it to move it around.
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Cody Tousignant I just saw a man with a camcorder at Disney. And it looked newer
🤓 Inwils 🎲👨‍💻🎮 Hehe the game I played World of Warcaft - back in 2010 I recorded this by pointing my camcorder at the screen! 🤣🤣🤣
JamesOro Camcorder Banks Top 5 Designer Frames | JamesOro Eyewear | Menswear Fashion 2022 via @YouTube
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Adrian Reed Found my old camcorder from the late 90s! Weekend project: transferring hours of college footage from Video-8 to digital format. Achieved via RCA Composite -> HDMI -> Elgato capture card This all assumes the tapes don't snap. Amazed the camcorder still works TBH!
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Hutchie 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🏳️‍🌈 Hello Oracle (you), do you have camera bag recommendations? (Suitable for a Super VHS camcorder, tapes, etc)
BIG🐐 "That Malcolm seein Maya Angelou in Ghana holdin' a camcorder"- Nas
meo/leomax quotes! Then what would you call it? Ghosting! Max walks inside, holding the CAMCORDER. Leo is struck. Hi. Hi. Beat
✩𝘵𝘢𝘦 I finally fixed my camcorder y’all i’m so happy
izzy 🫠 | PARKER DAY!!! Need to get a camcorder and start vlogging
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